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Financing the Supply Chain

Total integrated solutions, facilities, equipment, hardware, software and support


Financial Products

Structured and custom financing

Capital and operating leases

Sales leaseback

Municipal lease

TRAC lease

Refresh programs

Collateral or cash flow loans

Vendor finance products

Bridge financing

Portfolio Acquisitions


Improve cash flow

Preserve capital

Minimize exposure

Predictable payments

Reduce upfront costs

Keep up with technology

Improve efficiencies

lower initial expense

No capital limits

Who we are​

Experienced supply chain and finance professionals who understand your business.

We use competitive sourcing from large banks and private equity firms.

Our products offer a wide range of financing options.

We offer innovative customized partner programs which meet the specific needs of your business. 


Our current Partner Programs include:

Material Handling Equipment Suppliers

Packaging Suppliers / Manufacturers

3PL Companies

Commercial Realty Companies

Software and Systems Providers


Logistics Capital Resources Inc

Dallas, Texas.



provides financing options for total integrated solutions,

facilities, equipment, hardware and software support.  Utilizing

experienced financial and supply chain professionals who

understand your business and stand ready to assist you in

taking the next step...

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