Logistics Capital Resources Inc



APR 5, 2017

Logistics Capital Resources

Dallas, Texas. LOGISTICS CAPITAL RESOURCES, Inc. now provides financing options for the logistics supply chain. Their products include a wide variety of structured and custom financing solutions that meet the needs of manufacturers, distributors, packaging companies, and 3rd party logistics providers. LCR has solutions for total integration projects, facilities, equipment, hardware and software. Utilizing experienced financial and supply chain professionals who understand your business and stand ready to assist you in taking the next step.

Join other companies today who are seeking to improve cash flow, improve efficiency, preserve capital, keep up with technology, and reduce upfront costs. To learn more about LCR’s products and innovative Partner Programs go to www.logisticscapitalresources.com

For further information contact:

Stephen Martyn or Phil Wulff

Phone 1866.227.9123

Email contact@lcrcapx.com

Website www.lcrcapx.com


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