Why capitalize big ticket projects when financing can make you cash positive year 1

I know what you think and I know the reasons you don’t try to finance large automation projects. You don’t want to use your existing lines of credit, your bank will not lend for this type of project because it’s too soft cost heavy, or you think you have to go to a hard money lender and pay an extremely high interest rate. This is exactly the reason we started Logistics Capital Resources. As logistics supply chain professionals we were always faced with the same situation. From the selling side losing large deals due to companies not wanting to (or just not able to) lay out millions of dollars in capital to pay for a project that was very much needed. From the purchasing side. Not being able to get capital approved for projects that could greatly reduce costs or increase throughput.

At Logistics Capital Resources we have solutions for many of the hurdles faced when trying to finance these types of projects. WE UNDERSTAND YOUR BUSINESS, our team of finance and supply chain professionals have created financing solutions that will not only eliminate the need for that one large payment. You can also receive a positive payback in a much shorter period of time. It’s simple, if you finance a project that has a yearly cost savings, or the project gives you the ability to increase business. And the amount of cash flow generated (or saved) is less than your payments. Your organization is in a much better cash positive place and we can help you make this happen.

Whether you are an end use customer, integrator, or supplier we can help you keep the project viable with our strategic financing solutions. Please contact us at info@lcrcapx.com for more information or check out our website at www.lcrcapx.com.

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