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Last Mile Terminal (LMT) Summary of Operation

The Last Mile Terminal (LMT) provides an open logistics platform and services to all.

LMT is where people and packages meet The LMT operation will be located at a mall. The mall may be old or new. It is an advanced 365-day state of the art logistics operation utilizing proven automation and software systems to support the mall’s retail clients, mall customers and other regional businesses. It will reshape the logistics for the last mile.

The LMT operation leverages the combined package volume and needs of all the clients. It creates a logistics powerhouse to challenge any distribution network. LMT connects retailers and local businesses with shared service to meet the needs of many different customers. This terminal will help blend the best of brick and mortar and on-line businesses to a seamless customer support offering.

The LMT is a logistics center offering professional services that are shared and has visibility to all. This logistics eco system uses technology to blend the physical and digital needs for all B to B, B to C and B to B to C businesses.

Additionally, the LMT can also be located at a major retailer that has the space to develop this terminal. It can serve their customers as well as business in their geographic area.

The LMT operation utilizes the combined volume of all its clients to deliver low cost, fast logistic and efficient services as:

o Centralized delivery of inventory to mall stores o Pack and ship orders from stores, accurately and professionally, at a low cost o BOPIS – Buy on line pick up in store o BOPIM – Buy on line pick up in mall o BODA – Buy on line deliver anywhere o Offer many delivery options and full tracking visibility o Shipping options including 2 to 4 hour delivery service o LMT will pick up orders at stores on a time schedule or on demand o Provide stores with a cross dock facility to leverage inventory in local “sister” stores to serve customers and lower the total SKU unit inventory counts. By lowering the SKU unit

back stock, it creates an opportunity to increase the SKU count in the store within the same space. Additionally, inventory can easily be relocated to a more suitable store location instead of deep discounting. o LMT provides zone skipping freight options for our customers o Trans ship inventory for clients o Manage and shipping dimensional requirements for lower freight rates o Returns goods are efficiently processed while delivering cost savings and speed o Integrate to all shipping and receiving lockers, regardless of location o Provide advanced shipping and receiving lockers to area enterprises to increase the logistics reach and efficiency of the LMT.

LMT has no financial agreement with any delivery carrier (UPS, FedEx, USPS, Amazon, Uber, Lift) or other service. We integrate to all carriers. LMT provides logistic services to all stores and businesses within a 10-mile radius of the mall. We provide logistic services to: o Stores in the mall o Stores and business in proximity to the mall including industrial businesses, hotels, schools, military installations, airports and apartments. The LMT process will drive more people to the mall. o Logistics services from the LMT logistics hub, including: ▪ Ship from store, pick up and ship ▪ Pack orders professionally with product protection. ▪ Delivery options ▪ 2 to 4-hour delivery ▪ Manage returns, inbound and outbound ▪ Integrate to any kiosk o Integrate to all shipping and receiving lockers ▪ Provide refrigerated lockers for grocery, drug and industrial clients ▪ Provide a new unattended shipping and receiving smart locker ▪ Mobile applications ▪ 100% visibility and tracking

Steve Martyn President LMT Group DBA Logistics Capital Resources, Inc. 972 539 5409 – office 973 202 6206 – cell smartyn@lcrcapx.com

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